Some types of energies in our lives

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What is energy (definition): The simplest definition of energy: “the ability to work”.

Energy is how things change and move. And it’s in a lot of pictures. We need electric power.

different photovoltaic power: Energy has different forms, such as: – Chemical energy: Chemical energy: Chemical energy comes from atoms and molecules and how they interact.

Electrical energy: electrical energy is generated by the movement of electrons. Gravitational energy: gravitational energy. Thermal energy: It comes from molecules resulting from different thermal reactions. Light energy: light is called (radiant energy). The Earth gets much of its energy from sunlight. Kinetic energy: Anything that moves has energy.

This energy is also called kinetic energy. Nuclear Energy: Huge amounts of nuclear energy can be generated by splitting atoms. Potential energy or potential energy: Potential energy is stored energy. Energy units: In physics, the unit of measurement for energy is the joule, which is abbreviated with the letter (J).

There are other units of measurement for energy, and they are used all over the world, such as (kilowatt-hours), (calories), (newtons – meters), … etc.Law of Conservation of Energy: This law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is changed from one state to another…. Such as: chemical energy, in food, which we convert into kinetic energy when we move and walk. Renewable and non-renewable energy: We use a lot of energy to move our cars, heat and cool our homes, watch TV, and many other things. And this energy comes from a variety of places and also in a large number of forms. Scientists classify the energy we use into two types: renewable energy and non-renewable energy.

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